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When there is an unforeseen death, there are a few things that need to be done prior to claiming the Life Insurance settlements. This is important to be aware of as you may not have much time before you need the money in order to handle accommodations. There can be variances on the terms of the payout and the specific requirements for making the Life Insurance claim so it is best to have an understanding of this ahead of time.

Mourning the loss of a loved one takes enough of an emotional toll, and surviving family members should not be further overwhelmed by confusion or complications regarding the steps necessary to file a Life Insurance claim. Initiating the process of claiming Life Insurance benefits actually takes very little time, but may be delayed or side-tracked if certain specific information or details are withheld or omitted.

Same goes for if you are injured or become injured or sick, you want to ensure you are paid for what is rightfully yours and in a timely manner so you can concentrate on getting better.  That’s what we are here for, and how we are different to to other online providers, we ensure your claim is personally and professionally handled from start to finish.

Documentation that insurers require to file a Life Insurance claim can vary from company to company. Ordinarily, a Life Insurance policy beneficiary or the administrator of the decedent’s estate needs to contact the company that issued the policy and request a claim form. The instructions accompanying the form provide details as to what the company requires to complete a Life Insurance claim. To expedite the claim and avoid delays, the responsible party should submit the requested documents promptly and this should be done in conjunction with us your adviser.

We offer the following support:

  • You are relieved of the stress of attempting to deal with the insurance company.
  • Expert attention guarantees that items are not overlooked from your claim.
  • Your claim is dealt in a professional manner and on a timely basis.
  • We have practical experience in handling claims in all personal and business situations.
  • We work solely for the insured and or policy owner and have no connection with any insurance company.
  • Our service may involve the total management of a claim, holding a watching brief, providing expert opinion, or investigating a claim that has been denied.
  • Our objective is to obtain the earliest possible settlement with the minimum delay.
  • Our service is free and included with every policy purchased via Wealthsmart.


Page last updated: January 16, 2015